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Please review and exercise the following guidelines to prepare for the unlikely event of a service disruption at Catalyst Corporate:

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Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union is committed to providing systems and services that are reliable and readily available for member credit unions. Regular exercises and frequent enhancements to the comprehensive Business Continuity Program ensure that Catalyst Corporate can adequately respond to situations that could disrupt the quality of service to members. Use of redundant firewalls, routers, switches, and servers protect against service disruptions.

Catalyst Corporate employs an alternate facility that is available for use in the event of a contingency situation. The facility consists of a "hot" site and a work area continuity (WAC) site. The hot site provides a highly secure environment with connectivity to numerous telecommunication carriers, and houses necessary network infrastructure to continue operations. The WAC site maintains workstations, work areas, telecommunications, and network connections necessary for operations. Fiber-optic cables connect the WAC site to the hot site to provide for optimal bandwidth access.

However, Catalyst Corporate understands that events may occur that could result in temporary disruption of services and affect the ability to communicate with members by normal methods. Timely communication regarding the nature and duration of a system or service disruption is very important in helping member credit unions minimize the impact on their operations. Some disruptions may require situation-specific directions on how the credit union should interact with Catalyst Corporate's continuity plan in order to restore normal operations.

Therefore, these Contingency Communication Guidelines can assist member credit unions in the event of a contingency situation. This document contains information for member credit unions to establish alternative communication with Catalyst Corporate as soon as possible following an event that causes a system disruption. It also provides information about the Service Alert Message (SAM) notification process that is used to keep credit unions informed of the status of service disruptions.

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Website Information

In the event of a system disruption, updates, special instructions, and contact email addresses are available in the Communications section of the Catalyst Corporate website, Select the Communications link at the top of the home page and navigate to Contingency Communications. In the event that is not accessible due to a system disruption, Catalyst Corporate maintains a Contingency Communications website – This site resides on a remote Internet Service Provider (ISP) for contingency purposes only. In the event of a system disruption, Catalyst Corporate will maintain this site with status updates. To access the Contingency Communication website, go to

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Communications to Credit Unions

Catalyst Corporate maintains an email service that provides alternative contact with credit unions in the event of a system disruption. Each credit union should designate and maintain at least two Contingency Contacts for this service. For TranZact users, the credit union’s TranZact Administrator can enter Contingency Contact information into TranZact using these instructions:

  1. Login to TranZact.
  2. From the Settings tab, under “Email Notifications," select "Manage."
  3. Select the name of the person you wish to receive contingency communications or, if adding a new individual who does not have access to TranZact, select the "Add Non-TranZact User" option.
  4. From the Add Email Notifications screen, select a job title and input the person’s name and email address.
  5. Scroll down to the Alerts section and select "Contingency Communication."
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the "Add Non-TranZact User" button.
  7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 for as many individuals as you wish to receive contingency communications.

Please note: The credit union's IT professionals should ensure that the email address is "white listed" on the credit union's email server – meaning that the messages from this address will not be blocked.

Catalyst Corporate also maintains an email service that provides updates to credit unions in the event of a service disruption or delay. Each credit union should designate and maintain at least two Service Alert Message (SAM) contacts for these events. TranZact users can enter their own contact information into TranZact using these instructions:

  1. Login to TranZact.
  2. From the top, right corner of the home screen, select "Profile."
  3. From the side menu select "Email Notifications."
  4. From the Manage Email Notifications screen, scroll down to the Service Alert Message section and select the notifications you would like to receive. If you are not authorized for a service, that notification option will not be available.
  5. Click the "Save Notifications" button.
  6. For non-TranZact individuals who wish to receive Service Alert Messages, please contact your TranZact Administrator.

If a credit union does not use TranZact, contact a Catalyst Corporate Member Service Representative (MSR) at 800.442.5763, option 1, and request that the MSR maintain the Contingency Contact information on behalf of the credit union.

Catalyst Corporate conducts quarterly exercises of the email service with Contingency Contacts to confirm that email addresses remain current. Catalyst Corporate provides advance notification of the exercise date in the weekly Catalyst Connect newsletter.

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Contingency Email Communications (used during a disaster or system disruption)

The contingency email address listed below becomes active and available for member credit union use in the event of a contingency situation.


Notification of availability occurs:

  1. On the Contingency Communications website
  2. Through the credit union’s Contingency Contact email address(es) (sign up here).

Messages sent to the contingency email address shown above route through a service at a remote location. Messages distribute to the appropriate recipient in a timely manner. Catalyst Corporate encourages member credit unions to send only public information to the email address. Do not send GLBA, confidential, or sensitive information.

The contingency email address is for initial communications and may change as circumstances warrant. Visit the contingency communication website,, for updates during a system disruption.

Credit unions are encouraged to exercise at least annually with Catalyst Corporate during the quarterly contingency communication exercises to confirm the email address is accessible and to verify credit union information. The email address is available for use only during an exercise or a contingency situation.

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SAM Communications (for use during service disruptions)

In the event of a disruption that involves the availability of files or services, Catalyst Corporate will notify credit unions via the Service Alert Message (SAM) system.

SAM is an automated system that notifies credit union users of service-specific issues.

Notification occurs via email to the credit union’s Contingency Contact email address(es):

  1. As an initial "Urgent" notification.
  2. As "Update" notification(s).
  3. When the situation is "Resolved."

Credit unions are encouraged to maintain additional product owners as contingency contacts for this notification system. To enroll product users for SAM communications, please refer to the Communications to Credit Unions section.

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Planning and Preparation Checklist

Timely communications are critical since operating procedures may require frequent change during the process of recovering from a service disruption. The following checklist will assist with the credit union’s planning and preparation for interaction with Catalyst Corporate during a contingency event:

  • Become familiar with the Contingency Communications website at (Read more)
  • Incorporate Catalyst Corporate's Contingency Communications Guidelines into the credit union's Business Continuity Plans.
  • Update the User Maintenance section of TranZact with the credit union’s Contingency Contact(s). (Read more)
  • Exercise the contingency email address at least once annually during any of Catalyst Corporate's scheduled quarterly exercises. (Read more)

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For more information, or if you are experiencing an issue, please contact

Use of this website is reserved for contingency communications with Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union's member credit unions. It contains information regarding system and service availability and communication alternatives in the event of a system or service disruption.



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